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Our Original Topical Liniment

Dr. MAK's Magic Pain Juice is a topical liniment for temporary relief of muscle and joint  pain. This product contains a mixture of natural monoterpenes, alcohols and herbal  extracts in a DMSO/2-propanol transdermal carrier, providing pain relief, muscle  relaxants and increased blood flow to the area. The product is applied in liquid form to  the affected body parts and provides up to 4 hours of relief per application.    
Magic Pain Juice comes in a 1 oz (28 mL)  roll-on bottle. Each bottle includes a QR  code that pulls up a product description  and drug facts panel for your reference and  convenience.

Actual MPJ XS 2.jpg
Actual MPJ XS 3.jpg


Longer Relief using Cannabinoids

The same formula as above, just enhanced with low-dose cannabinoids. CBD and CBN have both been shown to help reduce inflammation, making a difference in this formula. The most notable difference is the amount of time this version lasts, it's about 2 hours longer of effects.

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