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Why Dr. MAK's Apothecary Even Exists....

Hi everyone who reads this!

We are so thrilled to be able to start bringing you guys more content and being a bit more informative for the community. We started up around December of 2019 and have actually been working on one of our special formulations since before then. MPJs original version was created back in 2014 to help out one of our co-founders, Marco Krause, while he was still playing baseball. After having modified the original formulation and doing lots of work in order to get to this point, we are so very proud to have our own topical liniment. MPJ (also known as Magic Pain Juice) was the first of our many natural formulations and products to be created for Dr. MAK's Apothecary.

Before our logo change in late 2020, we had already started working on getting this product to shelves.
MPJ Original Version

Our formulators have backgrounds in Chemistry and every single ingredient they use in all of our products makes a difference. We see no point in pumping your body full of things that serve no purpose or have zero synergistic affects with the other things present. One of the original intents of Dr. MAK's was simply to help people get off of prescription medications by moving them to natural alternatives. We plan on continuing to do research and advance our products. Everything that we do, is for a reason.

To everyone who has been waiting for this day to arrive. Thank you very much for supporting us the whole way through! We finally have a website, blog, and contact form that you can reach us at. This does not mean that our marketing will get much better from here on out, but we will be able to supply our product information a bit more easily for everyone to see. Once again we thank you so much for you constant support, generosity, and genuine smiles that you all bring us. Without every person who has bought our products, we simply would not be where we are today.

Thank you, and we hope to help you soon,

The Dr. MAK's Apothecary Team

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