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Contract Manufacturing Services

Welcome to our contract manufacturing and custom services page. We offer low volume custom manufactured products and formulations. Whether it's simply making a new cannabinoid combination at specific concentrations in a gummy, or coming up with an entirely new product, we've got you covered. Gummy production, capsule filling capabilities, and plenty of other options to get your products customized and fine tuned to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for bulk or pre-packaged, we can take care of what you need. 

Proudly made in Texas

All of our products and formulations are made 100% entirely by us. For small batch scalable custom formulations, we're the best around. With loads of experience in varying fields, as well as our own internal laboratory for research and quality control.

Scientist in the Lab

3rd Party Lab Testing

We are proudly partnered with Krause Analytical for our 3rd party lab testing partner! They have many capabilities we only dream of having. 

 Proudly Texan

We are extremely proud to be a Texas company, located in the state capitol, Austin. We will always strive to serve Texas our best by producing only our best.

Medical Text

Internal QC Lab Testing

We have our own internal quality control methods and testing equipment in order to verify we're doing things correctly. One of our founders has over 40 years in the analytical testing industry! 

Small Business

We are a small business with less than 5 total employees. Our founders are directly involved in day to day operations.

Research Driven

With a heavy science background, we are always looking to do our due diligence and continue to invest time and capitol back into product R&D as well as raw research.

Test Tubes

ISO 22000 Certified

Our goal is to be ISO 22000 certified by the end of 2023. We currently operate under cGMP criteria.

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